Equity Liquidity and Data Combined

We have combined proprietary data to support the value of stock whilst having the ability to control options of debt and equity as a shareholder benefit.
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Gain Holistic Insights, Enhance Customer Understanding, and Stay Ahead of the Competition with OpenData's Advanced Analytics.

Audience enrichment

Obtain a full, 360-degree view of every customer to better engage and monetise them

Commercial intelligence

Leverage advanced comparative audience data to identify the best opportunities and connect with the right decision-makers at any organisation

Digital property valuation

Quantify the impact and value of digital activities and the ROI generated brand awareness, to help you know your worth

Audience growth

Use lookalike audiences, to bolster retention by prizing higher-value fans onto your owned platform at a lower acquisition cost
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Liquidity Management

Manage liquidity in one platform. A CFO workflow tool & employee benefit for liquidity

Realtime Loan Management

Secondaries and Non-recourse loans updated real-time to streamline documentation and management

Automated Loan Packaging

Automated Loan Package with a proprietary process that makes the loan process a breeze.

Easily Transferrable

Employees have the option of having funds transferred to a bank or using them in an ecosystem.
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Liquidity offerings refer to investment opportunities where a company or institution seeks to raise capital by selling a portion of their assets to interested investors.

This feature enables eligible investors to receive notifications as soon as these offerings become available. Once notified, investors can view a summary of the available offers and decide whether to participate in the investment opportunity.

Stock liquidity

Enabling companies to offer their shareholders liquidity in terms and types that are suitable for their company rules. Shareholders can receive offers that meet their needs and provide liquidity while still adhering to the company's regulations.

Stock liquidity

"Select Shares" allows companies to choose which types of shareholders are eligible for liquidity offers. This provides greater control over the distribution of liquidity and ensures that offers are made only to shareholders who meet specific criteria.

Stock liquidity

"Loan Status" provides real-time updates on loans managed through financial partners. This allows for efficient loan management, providing visibility and control over the loan process.

Stock liquidity

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