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Who is OpenStock?

Openstock is an industry leading fintech company that provides senior management and employees of privately held companies with innovative liquidity solutions and data anlytics under one comprehensive platform.

How does OpenStock work?

Company management invites eligible employees to participate in a company-wide liquidty offering.  Once approved and accepted, employees will be provided access to the platform where they will find all information pertainting to their offering.   Every aspect of the process is easily handled on the platform with individual dashboards displaying pertinent information once the loan has been distributed.

Is OpenStock right for my company?

Openstock's platform is open to companies with over 50 employees and a minimum valuation of $50M who are located in the US and Europe.

Is OpenStock available to companies based outside the US and UK?

Yes, depending on the size of the company and areas of business activity.

Do I need to tell my customers that we’re using OpenStock?

No, this can be a tool to use at your discretion.
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