Empowering Your Team's Financial Future

Providing access to secure stock financing and data to help your company grow.
Empowering Your Team's Financial Future
We've helped some of the fastest-growing businesses in the world retain their top employees.

Gain holistic insights and stay
ahead of the competition with OpenData's advanced analytics.


The world's fastest and easiest way to manage employee liquidity programs.

A comprehensive data platform that provides access to industry, competitor and customer analytics
Increases employee retention and reduces churn associated with financial concerns
Liquidity solutions that provide employees with a highly attractive benefit which increase employee retention and attract high calibre talent
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Efficiently take advantage of your equity compensation.

Employees retain ownership, voting rights and future upside potential
Easily access liquidity via non-recourse loans with potentially significant tax advantages
Openstock offers an intuitive and seamless experience to access Immediate liquidity for personal needs and life events
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Trusted by modern businesses

To enable stock liquidity in the right way, while having supportive data for company growth, is a winning combo for us and any business!

Ryan Duitch / Arro Finance
CEO & Founder

Openstock helped us get our sales and marketing teams on the same page. The data insights here were paramount to reducing our marketing burn and identifying leads more effectively for marketing or sales activities.

Co-founder / CEO
Sports Team

Openstock have a great team with experience, work ethic and passion for helping shareholders. The problem they are tackling is needed to be solved and we look forward to seeing what they can do.

Jurgen Van De Vyer / Launchpad Capital

Reliable data is key to growing a business and is oftentimes overlooked. The ability to leverage customer and competitive data can be the game-changer companies need.

Brandon Rolnick / Lord Fisher Capital
Managing Member

Stock illiquidity at later stage private companies is becoming more top-of-mind with companies staying private for longer.  The ability to access liquidity by employees to exercise options and for life events will be key in attracting and keeping talent.

Sylvia Bouloutas / Techstars
Portfolio Manager


Who is OpenStock?

Openstock is an industry leading fintech company that provides senior management and employees of privately held companies with innovative liquidity solutions and data anlytics under one comprehensive platform.

How does OpenStock work?

Company management invites eligible employees to participate in a company-wide liquidty offering.  Once approved and accepted, employees will be provided access to the platform where they will find all information pertainting to their offering.   Every aspect of the process is easily handled on the platform with individual dashboards displaying pertinent information once the loan has been distributed.

Is OpenStock right for my company?

Openstock's platform is open to companies with over 50 employees and a minimum valuation of $50M who are located in the US and Europe.

Is OpenStock available to companies based outside the US and UK?

Yes, depending on the size of the company and areas of business activity.

Do I need to tell my customers that we’re using OpenStock?

No, this can be a tool to use at your discretion.
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